As part of my Master of Science degree program at Full Sail University, I researched, wrote and defended a 30-page thesis on the subject of “Episodic Development and the Product Life Cycle.”  I formally defended my thesis on August 26, 2010. My defense was unanimously approved by my committee, Full Sail faculty members (and industry experts) Roy Papp, Rupert Meghnot and Malyn Segarra.

Abstract: Developers caught in the position of deciding whether to keep development resources invested in an existing game which is declining, or to instead reallocate those resources towards a new game project, would be best advised in light of relative risks and rewards involved to continue supporting the declining game as long as it remains possible. The various advantages and strategies presented by episodic development can be of great use in extending the lifespan of such games in order to reap the maximum possible profit before eventual product death.

Feel free to view or download my finished thesis paper in PDF format below:

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