My DDMG Journey


Founded in 1993 by film industry icon James Cameron and two business partners, multi- Academy Award®-winning digital production company Digital Domain has invented and created its way to moviemaking history… Through Digital Domain Productions, Tradition Studios and the Digital Domain Institute, along with Mothership and Stereo Group, DDMG creates and produces what we believe are some of the world’s most stunning entertainment and marketing digital imagery, across multiple media platforms.

I began working at DDMG’s Port St. Lucie, Florida studio in Spring 2011.

I initially served as a Production Technical Assistant with Digital Domain Stereo Group, DDMG’s award-winning in-house stereoscopic 3D studio. My role as a PTA revolved around liaising and coordination between Stereo and other departments, particularly Systems Technology and Client Services.

In December 2011, I switched to the ‘dark side’, transitioning formally from Stereo into Systems Technology and Client Services. In my new role as a Systems Technician, I participate in hands-on technical support for the artists, producers and executives in our studio.

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